New military grant to research synthetic telepathy for soldiers, like the Borg.

The intent is to develop a system that could equip soldiers with portable noninvasive brain imaging technology able to interpret thoughts related to speech and commands. The decoded thoughts could then be transmitted wirelessly

Initially the thought transmitting devices will only decode a limited set of commands and get more complex as it gets more advanced. It’ll also be non-invasive so no implants are needed

Could really help in patients who can’t speak, or allow speech in games that you jack into like the Matrix, but spectators won’t hear you actually speak, but can also allow the U.S Army to become Borg-like mind-wise minus the implants.

You know, in addition to filling the off topic forums with these stories, you should really start a blog where you can post all this stuff. It could become quite popular(and you generally post really interesting stuff).

Go for it. For real :slight_smile:

Cor CD - you are wealth of knowledge. Just want to know that some of us appreciate your links and news info. What could we ever do with you ?

I second Free_Ality’s notion. How do you find this stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:

To do this wouldn’t you have to convert brain waves to radio waves? And from what I know thats not possible right now.?

Yeah what Free-ality said. Put some google ads on the blog and I will click on them everyday to support you. You always dig up the most interesting stuff.

Indeed, some of this sounds far fetched. Science advances so quickly.

To transmitt brain waves you just have to be able to serialize them… the problem I would imagine being to interpret what is being sent and limit what is being sent to whats important.

Read and for this kind of stuff.

Non-invasive hardware will last until China and Russia go invasive, then we’ll all have to have military hardware implanted in our heads at birth in case we need to be drafted.