New Miyazaki film due out in August

It’s called Ponyo. Something else to look forward to!

Looking forward to it, most definitely.

I’m a big fan of Mr. Hayao Miyazaki :slight_smile:
Hope they release it here to.

rogper, according to this page:

It opens in Portugal on July 23rd. No fair, you get it before we do!

I love his films, can’t wait!

Here in Spain you can watch it already for some time :slight_smile:

:eek: That’s awesome, thanks for checking! I’m surprised it comes first to Portugal…
In that case I already know the exact spot where I’ll be Saturday night (25 July) and that will be in the cinema seat :smiley: …hergg well at least I hope to :o

That’s not so much surprising, after all I’m in the tail of Europe :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not always true. It depends where we consider the head to be :slight_smile:

Anyway its strange thing about the movies premier. It seem it depends where it comes from. The good example is Nightwatch, russian movie that I have seen in Poland some time ago. And about one year later I saw it coming to the cinema in Spain.

WOW :eek:

‘Ponyo’ Trailer HD

Thanks, rogper!

Here’s another, French, with some different visuals:

I’ve seen this film already, and I can tell you that it’s one of his best, in my opinion. It’s not as ‘big’ as his other recent stuff like Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle, but I think the more intimate handling of the main characters makes it a lot more involving. It’s really similar to Totoro, not just in the theme of it, but the way the story is told.

The best thing about it, tho, is how totally different Miyazaki’s kids’ movies are from the US stuff. US kids movies will present kids with some oddball zany characters who get into wacky adventures with their goofy pals when some obstacle suddenly threatens their friendship. Eventually they learn that together they can overcome any obstacle, the bad guys get their due and everyone lives happily ever after. Even pixar does that.

Miyazaki’s kids’ movies (and I’m speaking here specifically of Totoro, Spirited Away, Kiki and Ponyo) don’t really follow a direct path like that. They set up a bunch of different threads or characters. The characters all find some strange new place or thing and then explore it in a variety of different ways.

With Totoro it was the kids new house, the totoros themselves, the secret parts of the forest, the new strange, wonderful, scary things that were happening all around them.

With Spirited Away it was a girl being thrust into a strange, sometimes frightening place where she met a bunch of really weird creatures and made some friends, but everything felt alien and strange to her - which was directly related to the fact that she had just moved to a new city and had to goto a new, scary school with all new people to meet and maybe make some new friends, but that everything would feel alien at first. Eventually, tho she got used to the strange new place. She even started to forget her old life…

Kiki is the same story. Young witch goes to a city full of strange people and meet a lot of new friends. This one does actually have some obstacles to overcome, but a lot of them are smaller obstacles that she overcomes in a variety of ways. It’s basically a story about responsibility. Spirited Away shared some of those ideas.

Ponyo… well… I won’t talk about it, but it has some similar themes to all of these. It’s actually a pretty interesting sort of twist on Miyazaki’s style with these, and one that is a logical step. The film has a totally unique take on these ideas. It’s great to see that he can make a film this good while still preventing himself from reusing ideas or getting stale.

But these films don’t really have ‘badguys’ or ‘goodguys’. Just characters that may at times be at odds with one another. I think it’s a much healthier outlook on life, and one that I wish more people would consider when they think about what it is their kids are seeing in films. Cliche, dimetionless characters fighting it out for petty reasons, while clearly defining ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is a really good way of instilling a sense of self-obsession and entitlement into kids. Miyazaki has avoided this sort of cliche in most everything he’s written, and it’s not by accident.

In other words, go see the movie. It’s good.

Nightwatch and Daywatch were two amazing russian movies. They had such a unique storyline and were amazing, just in case nobody has ever heard of them, they are definately worth seeing. So anyway. What is the name of the new Miyazaki film that is to be released, and I really hope its good because I am a fan of all of his movies, my number one being Howl’s Moving Castle. That movie never gets old, but then again, neither does Kiki’s Delivery Service ;)>. I’ve been watching that movie since I was a little kid. In fact, I’m going to go get it now and pop it in.

I agree :slight_smile:

@Kaim Aldar:
I in fact never heard of those, I’ll try to inform myself on that. Thanks for pointing them :wink:

Daywatch and nightwatch both have significant amounts of cheese, but I liked them as well.

The new film is called “Ponyo On The Cliff”, but the US distributer (Disney) decided that just “Ponyo” sounded better. I THINK the full Japanese title is actually “Ponyo on the cliff by the sea”, but I think that might have just been a really early title, as I’ve not seen it called that since it came out.

I saw Ponyo with my son last weekend. I was a bit disappointed. I thought it well done, liked it well enough, but somehow it didn’t “wow” me as have some of his other films. Oh well.

I borrowed my Nausicaa of the Valey of the winds to my friends (ex) boyfriend, they exxed and he’s got it, and now he is not returning my text messages! : <