New MMORPG: Centra Online

Hey everyone, my team and I are working on a project called Centra Online. Not many of us have been very motivated about it but I finally kicked their buts in gear and we are hoping to have a test version out by the first of the new year. We dont want to give out too many details, but a little hear and there and maybe a few screen shots wouldn’t hurt.

We dont have a web site up yet, but it should be up and going pretty soon.

the moddb rules of failure:

  1. “i wanna make an MMORGP!!”
  2. “i don’t wanna give away details but…”
  3. “i have no web page but…”
  4. “i have no experience” or “i have no real team yet but…”

at least provide some informations, show why people should believe this can really take off. don’t come with keeping away details, this just shows you have not made a design document at all. also every newcomer jumps on the MMORPG bandwagon thinking this is a piece of cake: wrong guess boy. MMORPGs are one of the most difficult game projects to realize, and it will not work with simply a non-decidated team not even having a pinned down design document nor the server to host a game with huge amount of people.

Do you realize “i am making a MMORPG” is the new online joke?

I am building a new anarchistic army to overthrow the United States of America’s government, and I am gonna do it with less than $10,000. Forum and website coming soon.

Woot! >> << …

plus, he has a copyrighted trademarked name of a SQUARE character for a online nick/handle/whatev

very promising hah

So much for constructive criticism.

I realize the difficulity in the task, but I watch each of these ideas just in case someone really does progress in the right way. Who knows what could really happen.

Hi Guys,

Check out kaneva at

They claim to be offering a (beta) engine for developing MMORPGS

I’ve been reading over some of the stuff for that engine. It’s pretty interesting, and it could really be useful for anyone wanting to make a simple demonstration of their abilities in game design. It’s also interesting to note that they specifically refer to Blender as one of the main graphic tools used for exporting the 3d models.


Not as funny as “I am making a MOVIE!” err wait thats not funny!!!

well guys you know what? I really don’t care if you believe me or not. We are still working on it and have been for 3 years, and I do have a team of dedicated people, it just took me a long time to get them to help because like you guys they didn’t believe it was possible. Have fun digging your foot out of your mouth when it comes out. Oh, and the reason I said we dont have a web page yet is because we just started talking about making one last week, but dont worry it is coming.

What is wrong with the nick name cloud strife. I have a very high respect for that character. I spend all of my time that I am not making games playing final fantasy. sorry I’m a fan.


sure people mostly made unconstructive critics on your project in this thread, but you have to understand that so many of those project are posted here each months, and 99.9% of them die in just a matter of days.

You claim to have worked on it for 3years, yet have no website/forums…how do you coordinate the works?

When annoncing such a project, it’s 10time better to actually wait till you have a website, and then post a more complete/official thread about it. Show some of the progress (sketches, 3d images, video maybe? or your engine tests).

Due to the lack of information you gave, I agree with all the comments that have been made above mine…

Not as funny as “I am making a MOVIE!” err wait thats not funny!!![/quote]

“I’m making a MMORPG” is like claiming to be making a trilogy of full length features. Making a movie is much more reasonable than making a mmorpg.

Movies do not require secure online servers with massive bandwidth.

…and Cloud, if you are making one, great, but really, you have come to this forum, to make your first announcement, that you are working on something that you are not going to tell us about.

Just another empty announcement.

This is a WIP forum, where is your WIP? Any models? Any screenshots? Maybe you should have made this empty announcement in general discussion.

So much for constructive criticism.

I realize the difficulity in the task, but I watch each of these ideas just in case someone really does progress in the right way. Who knows what could really happen.

There is nothing to criticize!!! There is no WIP that I can see!

There is some constructive comments.
What all of them say is give us something to look at!!

You cant honestly expect us to crit on your game or pat you on the back when there is nothing to show for it.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:21 pm Post subject:
Do you realize “i am making a MMORPG” is the new online joke?

I am building a new anarchistic army to overthrow the United States of America’s government, and I am gonna do it with less than $10,000. Forum and website coming soon.

Can I join? jk :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats like someone saying “im making a model of a car” and not posting any pics of it…

Get the idea bud…

You have been working on it for 3 years…and decided last week I dont get what you said man???

Please understand Cloud_Strife, you may have a bitter taste in your mouth right now towards the Blender community. But understand, we are all here to help eachother. But your post conveyed an utter lack of understanding of the amount of work and hardship required not only to build such a project, but that everyone else is putting into Blender for the new people like yourself.

Instead of showing a spirit of cooperation, you announced secrecy.
The internet community, and the Open Source community in general, is not about getting rich or famous, it is about people helping eachother.

I guarantee you, even with $150,000, you could build a house easier.

If you, or any of your team members are going to do, or have done game art, they are welcome and needed, because currently the Blender community has a lot of stills and photorealistic support.

Please also understand, that the response you got from us, is no different than any other forum you would have posted in. So, welcome to the Blender community, but it takes more than announcing a massive project to get respect. We all want results. :slight_smile:

And there is nothing wrong with your chosen forum name IMO. :wink:

wow…another one…heh

wel cloud, i simply don’t think you should have done this post. you just said: i’m making an mmorpg. no screenshots, no general idea even! you are not even telling us how close you are to finishing it! so why would we want to know that you are making an mmorpg if…you are not showing anything! i say lock this topic untill the man actually shows something (atleast general ideas)…damn! you know how many posts i hav seen online looking just like yours? so why not show something and be different from those noobies? after al you ARE working for 3 years on it.

Thank you for being less harsh on me.

This game is going to have an intense story line with a very complicated history to the world.

I have been avoiding too many details about the game because of the fear of stolen ideas.

If it will get you guys off of my case and interested in the game I will let a little slip through the cracks. Even when we get our web page up and running we aren’t going to have very many, if any, screens. We believe that the game play is first in a good game, realisitc graphics are just a good backup. We will of course include some concept art and more information than you can find here.

-Centra is a huge planet that is located in the very center of the of the universe giving it the name centra for center/central.
-Centra consists of 6 races: Human, Elvan, Shelty, Kamale, Wolves, and Athtican
-Most of the world is covered in mist that seeps out from the huge hole in the planet that leads to an evil place called Holy, which is a huge planet that rests in the center of Centra (confusing, I know, but everything is perfectly logical and explained in the history of the planet. You’ll just have to play the game to find out).
-There is a sky scraper sized tree, called Suess, that grew over the opening to holy to protect Centra from the evil things that come from Holy, and that made Suess the gate way to Holy.

There is some back ground on the Planet Centra. Next time I post it will be about some of the game play.

It does seems interesting. Will you please atleast put a screen of something, like th title screen or logo or something.

P.S. No one’s gonna steal your ideas. But, if you are worred about someone stealing it, you should put up a site with your ideas and stuff on it and put copyright somewere on it. And if your really serious about it, you can put your ideas on paper, put copyright whatever and mail it to your self, that way you can have the date on it and the copyright in it, just don’t open it.

P.S.S When I say no one’s gonna steal your ideas, it’s not because their crappy, just because people would rather make their own up.

You also don’t need to worry about stolen ideas here simply because of the fact that this is a very supportive community. Blender is about being open with everything. For some things that means sharing info and things like models, but for things like this it means letting people know details because they want your product to be the best it can be as well.

In general, once something is posted here it can easily be traced back to the original idea holder, so if you put something up, and then someone else later uses the idea without proper credit you already will have proof which the community will hold as strong evidence.


like he said but if i were to try to copy… id just try to remake it with my own “shapes.”

be nice if w could just a gray scale sketch of the main villian plz… or something gray scale…