new model (MC) for movie project - change x y z orientation of model - help?

Ok, I’ve created this model of my MC in this Make Human people maker that I’ve d/l, exported it
from MH, and then opened it up in blender. And before I rig it in blender, the first couple of things I’d
like to do with it are:

  1. sculpt its face/head to make it look like being from another planet,
  2. somehow duplicate its big toes/thumbs and copy/paste/attach them to the appropriate parts
    of the model’s hands/feet so as to give it 6 toes and 6 fingers (4 fingers, 2 thumbs) on each hand/foot,
    3)import it into Marvelous Designer to clothe it (that is, after the sculpting/adding extra digits job is accomplished),
  3. rig it.

But first of all, upon importing into blender, the model is laying on its back, and I cannot figure out how to flip its
X y z axis to make it stand on its feet in the blender viewport.

How do I change its x y z axis?

thanks in advance.


Rotate object X-axis 90 degrees. R X 90.

Ok, what buttons do I press on my KB?
What do I click on/where?

Click your object then type R X 90 on the keyboard.