new model needing some texture help plz :)

Hi i have been working on a new model a suit or armor, and i am trying to get the chrome elaments to look right as of now its to shiny and win i up the ior and lower the ref it just go’s to black and looses all its shine any ideas and c&c most welcome and yes i do no he dont have a butt or hands :slight_smile:


if you go to

there is download for a blender material library which has a chrome material. I hope this helps!

i actuly have that material but i forgot to mention this is a yafray render and i dont think that the car material will work in yafray

it should work just fine in Yafray.

Try this. It works in YafRay and you can download a BLEND file too.
the NOR is “0.005” (not “0.00”, as seen in the pictures).
tweak the settings to get the metal looking they way you want.
Good Luck %|

i actuly tryed that heres the result as of now i am trying out the diffrent car chromes seem to have the same trubel of to shinny but i am hopin to get it worked out


okie i have trye rendering most of the chromes in the car pack and thay keep coming out to shiny here is in image of one


If your surfaces are too shiny, then you can add a procedural texture to it (Clouds maybe). A VERY mild and slight bit of NOR. Scale down the texture so that it is not too smooth, almost like sand. Tweak that, and your surface can look dull, but have a plastice shine to it.

This will add extra rendering time, however.