NEW model X-TANK...

A my Cannon, I have to still complete: 8)

Really well composited, especially the second and fourth.

In my view, the barrel would benefit from a little more detail, perhaps just a basic hydraulic piston and a couple of tubes.

Very nice… good render.

But I think you really need some DOF (depth of field) perhaps the zblur plugin???

Looks good, but the first one is just general bad photographic composition, the thin tree should not be coming throutgh the center of it like that. Like taking a picture of someone with a tree “growing” out of their head.


THX all! :smiley:

Mmm, because this model is for the WWII (1940-45) and the model and scene will serve in order to compose a video!

The foto is “More blur” because is made with a camera of insufficient quality, 800.000 Pixel

Nifty tank, but wouldn’t last long in battle.

Probably used for artillery, right?


Cool good job adding it to the pics.

lol, cool! A very cool project!

Can you make a story and a little animation for us? :slight_smile:

Lower the spec some, to make it less shiny, because the pic is kind of dull, and the cannon is obviously superimposed. This is very obvious in the 1st pic.

looks like the army’s tracked howitzer