New Modeler having trouble with object being reversed in front ortho perspective

Hey Guys,
I am relatively new to blender, I am wanting to learn everything I need to make Both animated videos and games. I just recently started a project modeling a female body from reference images. I am fairly comfortable with the Blender interface and basic functions However, when I work on this new human body modeling project. I keep running into a problem with my mesh being reversed when working in front ortho perspective. I haven’t been able to figure out why this is happening. I have started the project over twice now and the same thing has happened twice.

What happens is this, I load my reference images, I have three, a front view a side view and a back view, when I place a mesh object and start modeling I notice that as I switch between perspectives the mesh is actually facing backward in the front ortho perspective and when I switch to the back perspective The front of the mesh is what I see. I’ve also had problems with the mirror modifier not mirroring and I think maybe the two issues are related. I am not sure why the Mesh keeps ending up reversed. any thoughts?