New modeling technique.....

Hi guys,
Im new to this forum so I didnt quite know where to put this.

I discovered a new modeling technique and wanted to ask you guys what you think of the technique and my tut for it.

Heres the link:



Please reply, I know you guys are reading the tut!

I just want some feedback thats all.



Hey, I like the idea. I’ll see if I can use it anytime soon. Nice tut, too, by the way.

Wow you allowed a hole hour before begging for replies! :wink: I know what it’s like. I am going to do the same later today.

Like it - the tutorial is a good one. I like that it is based on a bit of lateral thinking. There is so much that can be achieved with the basic tools demonstrations like this really get people thinking creatively.

Keep at it - want more of this!

Thanks for the encouragment.

Heres a pic for theose of you whos apetites are not yet wet.

Thanks again, I will write more soon!


allows for a lot of organic fast modelling.
It could have used some more pictures though.
It takes a while before you understand everything.
Also, I haven’t seen anyone here mention the word cage instead of mesh.

Well, the reason I use the word cage is becuase it generates a cage-like structure.

As for more pictures, Im not so sure where more would be apropriate… Ill have another look…


I like it.
Very understandable. I personally believe that extrusion is probably the most important modeling technique there is. It’s how I make most stuff.

That is awesome. I could imagine doing somthing similar on a human-like model too. Great abstracts. I’ve never tried abstract modeling, but I’ve seen a few tuts and this is one of the faster ones.

back in days before face/edge/vert select modes, you could accomplish equivalent results if you a) subdivided mesh b) alt-b vert (or face) loops and proceed as you described. I wrote me a script which randomly selected and deleted faces to do cage-y stuff.

The idea itself isn’t new, but the results are nice :slight_smile:

Actually, that’s one way to make things rest upon eachother (not sure that’s clear) – edit the “base” mesh, select the faces wherethe new object will be, duplicate, extrude (just like you said > escape + alt-s) then join them if necessary. Here’s a pic I made that way (the cake bits on the antlerbeast):

Great tutorial

The value of a technique IMO is how many different useful things can you make with it. I will say it’s an interesting approach for making an uncommon object. So, what else can you make with it?

A closely fitting mask for a head for example?

!Rocky: Thats actually how I came up with the technique, I need to have something wrapped tightly around something else. And then I saw that it also has other aplications. Like my example.

Oh well, At least I got a nice tutorial out of it…

I think ill write some more soon.

As for what else you can make? Im working on something at the moment. Ill post it once im done.


The first thing that comes to mind is vegetation growing on things – you know, like ivy clinging to a column or something. The idea is to duplicate faces of the column, extrude them etc then separate them and join them to the rest of the plant.