new models for Deadly Artificial Intelligence

made some new models for DAI the last few days, here they are:
any comment??

Those are cool!!! I really like your guns model!:slight_smile:

Well, they are great!, But they seem a bit too high-poly… details should be done with textures…

Eldron: I have the exact opposite opinion from you. Always do detailing with geometry if you have the time and CPU. You are almost guarenteed to have a better result.

Witch do you like best, Milkshape3D or Blender3D.
(Bentagon!) 8)

to do stuff like planes, bombs and things like that I like milkshape better, but for guns and cars (only made one but it isn’t on my site), I think Blender is the best…
about the polycount, I don’t know excactly what they are, but I think the highest polycount is from the electric armgun. by intersecting the groups it came at 12** faces.
btw, do you guys know a better way to make your poly’s triangles then ‘intersect’, cause I get errors 50% of the times I use that
thanx for the good comments!

triangulation is ctrl-t.

thanx!! was searching for that a loong time
really appreciate it, man!

Very cool work, i appreciate the detail even on low-poly.

And yes, i hold to the belief that build detail is much nicer (and funner.)

I have to agree with Eldron on this one. Rule #1: if it looks good, then it is good. If the same result can be achieved with one less poly, then you have made a better picture. Efficiency is key.

I agree with that partially:
-when it’s a non-firstperson model, I agree, from that distance you won’t be able to see a lot of difference between the modeled and skinned version
-when it’s in firstperson, I don’t agree, cause with the animations you will be able to see very clearly that it’s just a skin and the details aren’t modeled…