new monitor for 3d design

Hi, i´m going to buy a new monitor, for amateur work, of course.
I see this: LG 27MP65HQ-P 27" LED IPS - Monitor
253€, what do you think? is good for photoshop, blender and similar???

Pretty much any monitor in that price range will display images the way they were intended once set up. If you are interested in having control over how graphics are displayed look into colour management.

Eizo publishes some info here:-

Also worth finding out about is how to profile and calibrate your monitor, then you can set up Blender and Photoshop to be aware of the monitor display profile. This will give you control over the display colour space.

Usually this will require a hardware calibration device such as a Spyder, colorMunki or similar.

There is more information on the Blender wiki:-

Seems pretty cool. Look forward to what you come up!