New monitor trubles - closed

I got a new LCD , but as soon as windows loaded trubles occured…
Another example of the PS legacy - Never ever work-

So my monitor seas " frequency out of range 85/100 , please change it to 1440 x 900 with 60 Hz" , as a advanced lamer I started windows under Safe mode…but I just can’t find the option to change the refresh rate :o where it should have been , under
Settings - Advanced - Monitor ,in the ‘Monitor Settings’ section - ‘Screen Refresh Rate’ now there’s just a “Use hardware default settings” and In the “Monitor Type” it just seas “Default Monitor”
Any ideas? I have none :frowning:

Edit: looks like I managed to some how … manage to make it work :smiley: I reinstalled my Display Drivers in hopes that it will reset my configuration so some default one…and it did :smiley: Sorry to waste your time, I was too fast to post here :slight_smile:

Try installing a new driver for the video card. Video drivers usually come with their own configuration utility that will probably include the settings you need.