New mouse and keyboard

(acasto) #1

I was determined to save any christmas money to go into the new year, but I was at Staples the other day and couldn’t resist. I picked up the Gyration wireless mouse/keyboard combo and I’m very impressed wit it. It has a very high rate of data transfer, allowing for very smooth action. The thing I like best though, is that the mouse works in mid air like a flashlight. Also, internal NiMH batteries that recharge on the mouses cradle. So no more buying batteries for wireless opticals :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

One note though… it’s not too fun to use it when you’ve had to much coffee. With the good accuracy and data flow, your cursor can get very smooth ‘coffee jitters’ :wink: Someone should write a little app that based on the random movements and speed of the cursor, could detect that you’ve had too much coffee and alert you of it. Not that you need to know, just that it would be an amusing office thing to slip on someones comp.

(IMProvisar) #2

Very nice… if I had a reason to buy a wireless mouse again, I’d definitely get one with it’s own charging cradle.