New mouse for blending

Ok, My 5 year old optical mouse has decided it no longer wants to work. I got my $45.00 worth out of it, thank god. Well I was wondering what everyone was using so when I go to purchase my new mouse. I have big hands so people with small hands please dont reply :slight_smile: I am trying to find out what is good as far as middle button operation and scroll wheel.

Any suggestions?

MS Intellipoint Explorer.
Very nice wireless mouse, though it’s not bluetooth so you have to have line-of-sight to the receiver to use it. The design is very ergonomic and comfortable, though some people think it weighs too much. The only downside of wireless is that you have to replace the batteries once in a while…

I’ve got a Logitech cordless optical mouse. I like it a lot. The buttons extend all the way to the sides and the receiver works like a charm.

It eats a pair of AA about once a month, and the scroll wheel stopped scrolling almost a year after I bought it (but it still works as a button which is what I wanted it for…)

Model 931155-0403 (I think), USB or PS/2 connection.

cool, I will check those out tomorrow. Thanks

yeah check out all the Microsoft stuff, they are one of the best in terms of general ergonomics for mice.

just their cheapest mouse is better than most. i got an intellimouse explorer also, and i must say the middle mouse button was very slwo to respond compared to my old mouse (i think its coz it has a sideways scrolling option in there too which might interfear). but i don’t motice it anymore, perhaps i have broken the mouse in a bit or something.


i use the brand new Logitech® MX™ Revolution its good as its wireless and can recharge it so no changing bats only downside is you cant use the middle mouse button except to scroll as far as ive been able to figure out

I’ve got an MS Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0. Pretty cheap and it is the best mouse I’ve worked with. It eats a pair of AA alkaline batteries every year (I have it for 2 years already) and works today as good as it worked in the first day. No signs of wear yet. I wish their operating sytems were as good as this mouse is.

Man I feel your pain.
If your hands are bigger than mine then you are screwed.
Apparently the majority of the world is small with tiny hands. I’ve tried just about every mouse I could get my hands on and only a few of them are more then two-fingers wide.

The best option by far is a (wacom)tablet, I can work hours on end without pain or cramps.

If that’s not up your alley then I’d suggest the Logitech G5/7. I’m not a “gamer” but the adjustable resolution of the mouse via buttons on the back is just as useful in Blender.
Since they are heavier (G5 is completely adjustable through weights) and have a nice grip-material they are surprisingly comfortable to use despite still being too small for me. That said they are bigger than the Microsoft mice I tried and way more comfortable.

Why don’t they just make stuff in larger sizes? I don’t consider myself to be very big, but even I have major problems with finding the right size cars, furniture, etcetera. How people can operate those minuscule buttons on mobile phones is beyond me. You’d expect things to be better over here in Holland. Supposedly we’ re the tallest people in the world, so how come there’s nothing my size then?

Sorry for the rant, but if you’re confronted with this problem several times a day it really gets on your nerves.

Don’t buy microsoft mouse. The MMB has a response time of 0.3 seconds. Wich makes it impossible to work within blender. Buy Logitech.

I use the Medion optical mouse that came with my computer. It’s small and light, but not all that ergonomic.
Still, it works for me. As long as it’s optical, has three mouse buttons (with a MMB that is both a button and a scroll wheel) and is quite light, it works for me.

ligitec mx 510 gaming mouce, the best mouce ive ever had

I’ve got a dell mouse. It ain’t half bad.

Evoluent Ergonomic Mouse is on my Christmas wish list:

Logitech MX518. Great Stuff! What’s good for gamers can’t be bad for artists, right? @ndy is using the same in a tv interview, so you may have his blending power when you use this mouse!

What kind of logic is that?!:p:D