new mp3 playa XD

I’m getting a new one and just wondering if you people knew good places to get them or which one would be best to get

I can spend like 150-250 USD range but I can find deals on e-bay XD

so whats so great about zunes, and is there a difference between the 30 and 80GB besides memory? cuz I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get one of them if they have good features

i guess i should go research it a little now but let me know what you think

yea I would look around Google for some reviews. They might help your decision.

I just bought an eight gig iPod Nano a couple of weeks ago, I’m very happy with it and highly recommend it. I don’t really know anything about zunes (other than their commercials are amazing), but Apple has always been a trusted source for me.

I think Zune has that DRM crap with the music store, and you cannot copy over music that you have ripped from CD’s last I heard on slashdot. that was a few months ago though, they may have changed their policy.

I just have a radio that catches am & fm. I’m happy with this. And I paid about 10 bucks for it. Best of all - the AA batteries last ages and ages.

mmph, ew that wouldnt be good. it might just be that it cant support .wav format of sound file that comes off of CDs but ill have to look at that.

I’d stay away from anything from Microsoft or Apple if you hate DRM…

whats DRM?

Digital Rights Management, sometimes known as Digital Restrictions Management by angry techy people. It’s intended to stop you from downloading music illegally and often gets in the way of actual legal downloading.

I haven’t run into it on my Nano, and I will say that I know some people who keep large amounts of pirated music on them. The only DRM I’ve seen so far is through iTunes, but you don’t even need to use that in order to use your iPod. There’s a couple of Open Source alternatives if you look around.

but cant you just drag mp3 files into the removable disk icon in my comuter? thats what i usualy do with this cheap old one i have now, that or use the sync function in windows media player

You can do this with an iPod, it just takes some tweaking. iTunes does it in bulk for you, which I think is easier (and I’m sure it’s very similar to syncing in windows media player).

I just got an 8 gig iPod touch and it cost $300
pretty expensive but it is soooo cool. I am typing this on it