New News? Dynamica? BlenderMan? Blender?

(Pablosbrain) #1

Just wondering if there are any new developments with any of the major projects going on? Also… Any more tidbits on NaNs/Blenders futur?

(Green) #2
Thats where im at right now.
I havent done alot of work on blenderman since ive been a bit too busy.
Il probibly start again in june.

(theeth) #3

ditto for Dynamica. Eeshlo is working intensivly on the LightFlow export script, and I’m in an exam period, though I will probably be able to squish some coding time in my schedule and release a new alpha version later this week.

Sadly, no news from Nan (that I know of).


(system) #4

Nice to see some progress! Check the Shader Preview code. I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 735, in bevent
AttributeError: val

I removed the old bman stuff (even if the comments say i needn’t) but still get this message.

Hope to see some big progress in june :o

(Green) #5

uhhm. I wouldnt advice anyone to actually use the code I posted here.
its not even close to be ready for a release so you are bound to have problems with it

(system) #6

Oh, ok!