NEW!! Nintendo Wii 3d model exporter for Blender,the best free 3d program!

Right click and SAVE the following Nintendo Wii exporter::wink:

I uploaded a new version of this exporter (1.1) today, October 16, 2011, here is a screenshot:

Amazing 3d model exporter for Blender (put it in the C:\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts folder) where you can export Nintendo Wii’s GX format models and play with them using the wiimote on your Nintendo Wii!! Download DevKitPro from (I had to update mine in order to fix the PPC problem) in order to make Nintendo Wii/Gamecube/DS/PSP games. You can design your models any way you want and even animate them (frames are governed by the animation rendering preference field), texture them, use vertex colors, etc. You can even control their rotation in 3d using the wiimote remote. It’s a real world example of how 3d animation is related to video games and YOURSELF!!! If you downloaded this exporter from 9/11/2011 to 9/12/2011, you may need to put the GX_Color3f32 after the Vertices instead of before, that is one thing that I fixed on 9/12/2011 at 3:52 pm Pacific time. Thanks!

This is amazing. Should probably mention what version of Blender its for. Looks like just 2.49. right?
Do you have a importer as well? That would be really cool tto have. I’ve been looking for any game systems that can import files.

Am i the only one interested in this lol.

Now, two people are interested in this!

Would be cool to see a Wii model importer. Not sure if all Wii games use same format for there files. Probably not. I know Gamecube and other systems dont.

It should work for previous versions of Blender also, and definitely in the future. It would be difficult to read Wii DVDs on your computer and import the models so I do not have an importer. There is a program called Dolphin that can play Wii games however I am not sure how legal it is. Please note that it is associated with DevKitPro, the compiler for Nintendo Wii programs available from

The new version (1.1) that I released today makes it even more amazing, creative and artistic to design your own video games as you can animate the vertex colors and vertices perfectly. I made sure most of the features on the model designer work using Dolphin also. Thanks!! Enjoy making your Nintendo games and if you have any questions about DevKitPro, they have a wiki with plenty of answers and you can also find answers on the readme’s, and

Your code’s download site is non-existent now… Could you possibly post it somewhere else?.. Here maybe…?