new NLA tutorial (no question here)

(malefico) #1

Well, after reading the Publisher’s doc on NLA I thought it could be a good idea writing something about it. So I did.

Check it out: -> english version
(don’t expect any Shakespeare style) -> spanish version
(ni Cervantes tampoco)

Hope it helps !

PS: Thanx Acasto again for hosting me !
PS2:Sorry for crossposting but I thought it might be OK post it here too

(dreamsgate) #2

Cool, just downloaded your tutorial. Wondered what to do with NLA. Thanks.

(S68) #3


Maybe I’ll be able to use NLA now…

/me starts reading…


(mthoenes) #4

Great Tutorial, I had to learn some of that stuff the hard way, reading the manual and experimenting.
I highly recommend downloading the Publisher Guide from Documentation section.