new NLA tutorial !

(malefico) #1

Well, after reading the Publisher’s doc on NLA I thought it could be a good idea writing something about it. So I did.

Check it out: -> english version
(don’t expect any Shakespeare style) -> spanish version
(ni Cervantes tampoco)

Hope it helps ! :smiley:

PS: Thanx Acasto again for hosting me !

(Gimble) #2

Very nice work malefico

I have read through it once and you have really explained the topic very well. I definitely plan to play a bit more with the NLA editor. I always wondered what that screen did :wink:

There was a few typos here and there, but nothing serious. So thanks again for elucidating another Blender feature.


(bmax) #3

finally a useful tut on nla!! recently discovered it, and didnt know how to use it…i just downloaded publisher when it was up.

thanx, great work!! :smiley: