New node that allows you to create normal maps from ANY image (and another new one)

this is a patch for a node that does normal maps from any image.
It also does refraction according to Snell’s law and outputs values for the displace node to create a refraction effect
on the image.
The input image is used as a glass through which the second image is viewed.


Looks like we now have a good normal map node in Blender, and the other one is a nice bonus. With the Toronto Design project well underway we’re seeing our node system starting to get a big boost.

Looks like the screens shown is for compositing stuff but hopefully we see the normal map node in the material nodes as well.

EDIT: And here’s another node goodie, the threshold node

That looks nice! I’m definetely looking forward to see it in work! And I can’t wait to see Blender baking normal maps in tangent space! :wink:

This are good news! It’s nice to see these nodes in Blender. But I’m afraid it isn’t that great as you may think. From the pictures published it seems that the normal map node won’t generate the normal map from a colour texture, but from heightmap. Although it is very useful to have this, it seems that the algorithm doesn’t analyse the picture for 3D shapes, but takes greyscale copy as heigthmap. But this is common, e.g. the Photoshop or GIMP normalmap plugin makes this.

Nevertheless the Toronto Design project is great and very benefical. Thank you.

Sweet! Looking forward to it! :yes:


Looks like more of a distort effect not so much a normal map. When I read normal map I suddenly believed it was a tangent normal map material.