New notebook crashing Blender...Hmmm.

Hi guys. I hope I have the right post for this query. I have bought a new notebook 900Mhz, S3 Savage Video card. That’s the prelims…when ever I go to open a file then scroll through my directories using “P” button and one below blender crashes. I can’t view any of my beautiful work. Heh.

Any tips?


umm, you are trying to open a blender file?

(lots of people have had problems loading images, possible solution is to turn on filtering of extensions in the system & opengl settings in info buttons)

no, I don’t have much of an idea. (drivers…?)

Thanks for that advice, have tried what you requested though to no avail. It’s not so much opening pics, just opening a blender doc full stop.

I’ll scan the vid card forums a bit more closely and see what gives. I confess to being no genius when it comes to vid cards or changing/upgrading their software.

If anyone has had similar prob, I have Thinkpad T22, 8MB vid card, 256 MB Ram.


Hey there - I’m running a thinkpad t22 also.
The savage is an evil graphics card. are you, by any chance, running windows 2000?

Blender ran beautifully on my laptop when I was running win98se (I have two thinkpads, and had put the 98 drive in the t22 temporarily), but I get cursor flickers, delays, an almost totally unusable blender under win2k

So yeah - drivers - almost certainly.
I haven’t had the problem you mentioned specifically - the graphics card worked (as I said) fine under SE. file browsing was never the issue. any news?

(I just realised this is postmarked 2003 haha.)