New nvidia linux drivers...

New linux drivers for nvidiacards is out, I know there have been people having problems with new 2.6.* kernels and 53.36 drivers…so now it is fixed along with other things, so go get them :slight_smile:


I hope this reaches portage shelves soon…


Sounds very nice!

Niiiice!! :smiley:

They also support the GL shading language. :smiley:

I’m using the beta stuff. It’s off da charts. Loverly. No problemo here folks.

I have just downloaded it and installed it…

Everything looks perfect…

Thanks for telling us ztonzy… :smiley:

I especially like the new configuration utility “nvidia-settings”. Does anyone have an Nvidia icon? They don’t seen to supply one.


Forgive me for sounding a bit stoopid here… but if I got one of those whiz-bang cards and the drivers, would it enable me to use the hardware to do renders faster with Blender?

I’m not doing games, just non-real-time animation (.avi) renders, but I know that there’s an awesome amount of rendering hardware in those cards . . .

graphiccards for blender isn’t usefull for rendering, it is the CPU and of course RAM does play some role too, but it is the CPU that chunks the rendering…so if you want faster rendertimes, upgrade CPU and add more RAM to your system, but a newer better graphiccard makes it easier to work with complex scenes when doing modeling and such…

And there was much rejoicing as nvidia released drivers compatible with 4k stack kernels.



Gelato I believe is what you are refering to sundial, and not very many 3d packages support it at this moment. And unless it takes off or nvidia dumps ten to 20 cards on the blender foundation and asks them to make it work I don’t think we’ll ever see it.

Hardware renderers aren’t common, and they won’t ever be picked up unless the manufacterer builds opensource drivers for *nix platforms and then builds support for their devices into blender.

So no, unless we get a miracle it won’t happen. Save you’re money just get saturn rockets, not whiz-bangs. Whiz-bangs suck anyway.

*Dittohead goes to search for his m80s…