New OBJ export script ?

I am getting weird flipped faces when exporting to wavefront obj and importing into other apps. Even if I flip all normals out before I export from blender, Has anyone runn into this and or fixed a new script edit to fix it ??

What are you testing with?
Ill be making a new obj exporter/importer for blender 2.41

It can be dependent on what the needs are for the app you’re pulling the obj’s into.

If you are doing something like, say, using the obj’s as morph targets in poser or daz|studio there are a few issues. Several of the available blender exporters reorder vertices, which is a no-no for morph targets. Daz|studio is even pickier and seems to get thrown (possibly) by regrouping somehow. I’ve found no exporter that works with daz|studio; not even the ones that work with poser.

Give us some more details as to the apps involved and we may be able to help more.

I am working back and forth from to zbrush and others to do specific tasks .
One such is importing back into blender, the textures never come with the model… and having to click three different windows buttons and back forth repeat for 20+ different objects :frowning: Not fun…

I have tested with zbrush models and got all of the examples I had working.
Please send me the OPB your having problems with.

  • Cam