New Object Dimensions too small, Help!

Whenever I create new object using shift+a. the default dimensions I want are 0.5m(x.y.z) but it creates a tiny object. What am I doing wrong.!

Did you save your startup file before after manipulating anything?

If I’m not mistaken. You can just enter the size in the area you highlighted. Click away, and when you add a new cube it’ll default to that new size you entered.

yes I did save my startup file after manipulating But why is this size default ?

Yes that is what I have been doing and annoying thing is i have to do it every time for a cube, for a plane,cylinder.vert etc. and Once I open a new file then again I have to do all that again. Why the dimensions are so small by default? I n default blender startup, I don’t have this issue but in my custom startup, my new object dimensions are so tiny. What is the Fix ?

Share your start file and perhaps we could help.