New object properties grayed in 2.8 and undo

I’ve been trying to figure this out for very long (months) and thought that it is just a bug that will eventually be fixed in Blender 2.8, because it’s so clear bug that no one can go without seeing it. But now we already are in beta and it still is the case that I cannot edit the new object properties when one is added.

The settings are just grayed and I cannot add more segments etc to my objects.

Another thing is that the undo behavior is changed to something unusable. I cannot for example undo the modifier things I do, instead Blender is undoing something else and this basically destroys the project. I need the old undo behavior back which will register all the things I do in Blender. Not just some.

I believe that these 2 things are linked somehow, because I found from internet that the global undo setting (that is removed from user preferences?) will fix this. But the thing is that the setting is not there anymore where it was supposed to be. It used to be in “User preferences -> Editing” but not anymore.

How do I fix this?

These settings?


Try running Blender from a command prompt with the --factory-startup command line option and see if that affects the behavior of your new object editing etc. It will bypass all your settings so you can be sure there isn’t some obscure config thing that’s messing it up and giving you non-standard behavior.


I can attest to this. I’ve had a few show stopping bugs that appeared simply from keeping my user prefs from a previous nightly build.

Thanks. I literally double checked the settings 3 times and still was not able to find the global undo thing. However, undo is still broken after that setting. I was hoping that it wouldn’t not reset my scene every time I press ctrl + Z. And still not able to undo things I do in modifiers for example.

The issue with tool properties for creating the cylinder definitely hapens if you have Global Undo turned off. When you turn it on, it should start working.

The reason for this is that the tool properties for mesh preset construction work using undo. Each time you change something like the number of vertices, it does an undo to remove the previous mesh and then constructs a new one. An interesting side effect of this is that if you change anything else like object visibility in the outliner and then change the construction parameters, it undoes everything else you did while the tool was active as well. I reported this as a bug so maybe at some point it will get fixed.

If turning on Global Undo did not fix it for you (and in fact it’s the default so if it was off for you then something was screwy to begin with) then you may well have something messed up in your config files (and it’s not something you can fix from within Blender if the files are corrupt). I would recommend trying the following:

  1. Download the latest 2.80 beta build.
  2. Extract the zip file somewhere. Onto the desktop should be fine.
  3. Open the extracted folder, and inside there are a bunch of files including Blender.exe as well as a directory folder named 2.80. Open up the 2.80 folder and inside there create a new folder named Config and then go back up to the parent folder and run the Blender program.

By creating a Config directory inside the 2.80 folder, it will make that version of Blender store (and look for) all of its configuration files there rather than in the shared system wide default location. Thus that Blender version will start up with completely clean configs, and undo should be set to Global by default, and constructing Cylinders etc. should work and let you change the parameters.

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