New object types, development thread

I’m starting this thread since it’s gotten to where you can actually get renders with it, using the hair and volume objects at least.

Modifier integration is coming along as well.

It’s still very WIP and by no means ready for production, but this is another important step in making Blender into something fully capable of high-end VFX work.


LazyDodo has an automatic Windows build running now:

Very cool. Lots of fun.


Really nice! Trying out a VDB exported from EmberGen:

Rendering on these is slooow though. I hope that’ll get improved.


If it’s like a usual BF development project, optimization will come after Brecht gets done with all of the basic components. Nice to see it’s already usable though.

Here’s the todo list.

Better support for Workbench drawing.

Steps are being taken to support these objects in Eevee as well.

There’s been many other commits, but most of them are internal stuff with little visible impact from the user side.


i’m so impatient to have modifiers on volume object, especially a remesh one

Patches are now being submitted.

The only type that users can create at the moment is the volume object, and this does not include render and workbench support but this and a companion patch lays groundwork for the other ones (hair ect…).

The references show that for volumes at least, modifiers are supported. There’s also references to node-based stuff (so I wonder if this will also tie into the everything nodes project).


The volume object implementation is almost done and is getting ready to be committed to master.

What is new though is that the initial code also lays the groundwork for hair and point objects as mentioned here.

It sounds like the hair object is next, and I am going to make the guess that it could be committed for the release after 2.83 (based on the rapid progress of the volume object and based on the foundation already being laid).


it’s in Master

For user feedback and info on the new volume object, see here:

Hair object will definitely not be ready for the release after 2.83, it’s a big project and will be worked on by someone else than me. The volume object is also not done, maybe not even halfway, it will continued to be improved over the next few releases.