New objects are automatically connected in object mode.

When ever i go into object mode to try and move things around it has a select all effect. Is there a way around this? It’s very annoying having to select all the faces of an object in edit mode in order to move its position.

Your problem description is not clear.

When you add a new object in object mode it will be a new object
When you add a new object in edit mode it will become part of the current active object
Ensure you do not have proportional editing enabled (circular icon in 3d view header or shortcut O)

My problem was that i was adding new objects while in edit mode and attempting to treat them as individual objects in object mode.
Thank you. that solved my problem

Just to be clear, the word “object” is confusing when talking/thinking about things in edit mode. There are no objects in edit mode. Trying to work with objects in edit mode in Blender is like climbing to a tree and then trying to relocate it from there. While you’re sitting on a branch, you can touch that branch and other branches, trunk, leaves but relocating the whole tree from there would be very challenging.

Similarly in Blender you’re not dealing with objects while in edit mode but things it consist of, depending on the object type. For example:
Mesh type object: vertices/edges/faces forming a mesh or multiple mesh parts
Curve type object: handles and splines
Armature: bones