New objects with rotated pivot

im pretty new to blender and i think this is a super nooby problem… but if someone points me to the right checkbox, it would save me a lot of time here. Problem: I somehow changed something so every new object i create starts with a (local) rotated pivot, but the object itself is not rotated … :spin: I checked the 3d cursor settings, but i think there is no rotation for the 3d cursor, so whats wrong here?
Im used to other 3d software where a new object always starts clean with a perfect aligned pivot so this is something new for me and a little frustrating right now. Please see this image:

The Box is a new object, created in right orthographic view…
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Check you haven’t set any custom orientation. The default is Global

To reset everything use File / Load Factory Settings, then Ctrl+U to save as the default startup file.