New Olympic Sport

What sport do you think should be included in the olympics?

I think they shuld introduce more cycling events. but more extreme… lets say mountian bike. im not saying this pussy XC shit. the full fledged DH and 4X styles. add some adrenaline to olympics. Demo:

Also i don’t know if any countries touch footie is big but in Australia its fairly common. i think it should be introduced. Check this out:

They need to add Skateboarding…Not like the Mega Ramp…Street is what i want to see…

Cool downhill video.
The commentator sounds like he was havng a hernea though.

So much of the Olympics is just boring. I mean I have respect for the athletes, as to do what they do is just amazing, but when judging comes down to a 10th of a point or a 20th of a second, it just seems mundane.

I guess thats what I like about action/extreme sports. It’s so progressive. Skateboarding, freestyle motocross, etc… when someone does something amazing, you know it.

…and who actually cares about olympics?


Do they have street luge? If not that would be interesting.

What about Zorbing? Rolling around in those giant spheres?

i miss blitz chess!

Rainbow Six Vegas Marathon. Team Attrition Rotating Relay.


Every knows it’s a sport. And they’ll final come to terms when it receives Olympic recognition:yes:


Cos that’s just what skating needs right now. Skating needs less popularity, not more official recognition. Bring back the early ninties, that’s what I say! :spin::evilgrin:

Back on topic:

Snakeboarding? Heely riding? Sandboarding? Parkour?

Blender speed moddeling.

Blender speed moddeling.

I second that.

rock/wall climbing could be awsome to see in the olympics.

Roshambo(rock paper scissors)
Frisbee Golf
Thumb Wrestling

Downhill racing likethese would be cool too.

ten meter run?

Frisbee Golf

Make the courses themed and you have a winner. Professional frisbee golf could be interesting.

What about Olympic Mini-golf?

You get my vote on that too!

Oh, yes. Lets add new games so the chinese can cheat at them to. The cheating commie bastards