New on Blender python 2.57

Hi I start to learn python to use it on blender like Mel on Maya.
I watch a nice tutorial on blendercookie Creating an ‘Add Mesh Primitives’ Panel in the Tool Shelf . On the same time I’m trying to read blender API to compare and learn more efficiently OK like the video show I type “bpy” on interactive console and press Autocomplete to se all the tings like I saw but the message was a little different

<module ‘bpy’ from ‘/home/harryabreu/.blender.2.57/2.57/scripts/modules/bpy/’>

And no script work, and I don’t know what I need to do I think it is so simple to resolve but I’m start right now to learn programming can you help me?
Thank you a lot.
(my English is simple sorry for any mistake)

That’s not bug or anything. That is the bpy module’s “repr” (short for representation) being printed out.

# Typing bpy, then period, then hitting auto-complete, will give you the output you want.

&gt;&gt;&gt; bpy.
app  context  data  ops  path  props  types  utils

# So typing just 'bpy' is the same as calling bpy.__repr__()

&gt;&gt;&gt; bpy
&lt;module 'bpy' from '/opt/blender-2.57-linux-glibc27-x86_64/2.57/scripts/modules/bpy/'&gt;
&gt;&gt;&gt; bpy.__repr__()
"&lt;module 'bpy' from '/opt/blender-2.57-linux-glibc27-x86_64/2.57/scripts/modules/bpy/'&gt;"

Which scripts weren’t working?

Thank you a lot I though the real problem was my blender not install on ubuntu and when I did it the things work :slight_smile: now I continue my study to understand and use Python in Blender I have ideas but don’t know how realize them.
Thanks your patient to answer a simple question :slight_smile: