New open source GI renderer

Hi everyone.

I was just wondering if anyone has seen toxic

To me it looks new and interesting. Is this going to be future competition for yafray?


that si fricken awesome! but as he stated out i think it will not be a quick renderer but more a physical correct one!


(edit)saw this on cgtalk some week ago. it a good one in opensrc world…


No one really seems interested but I have written a basic script to export to the toxic .xml format which should help with anyone experimenting with toxic in Blender.

Here is the link to the script page:


I like the look of that renderer and would be willing to test some things for you. I will probably end up learning python soon and maybe I can help you with the code. i am looking for a good project.
Testing now…

toxic is interesting, but i still go with yafray :smiley:

That´s an amazing engine, as far as I saw…

okay, just got the path set, and when I got to the half an hour mark to render 20% of a cornell box I gave up. As nice as it looks, I think it would be easier to work on the yafray script or maybe .rib exporter. Good luck.


Thats fair enough, toxic is slow and not everyone has the patience.

For me this was a chance to learn python with a useful project. My script is advancing very nicely. Toxic, I feel is new and will develop as will processor speeds till one day rendering with toxic will be like rendering with yafray now (slow but tolerable for the quality generated).

It is a pity you don’t want to test toxic (for testing, I get rid of the indirect lighting tag in the .settings.xml so it renders much faster). I would only use indirect lighting once I am certain I have completed the project and am patient enough for a nice final render.

Anyway, good luck with learning Python!


Koba, if you can get toxic a push button integration into Blender with your Python script, many people will try and perhaps benefit with the Toxic renderer.
If I can be of any help (testing, UI design), drop me a mail.


Thanks for offering to help.

Currently, I am fixing a few glitches in the script before I release a newer version. Something that would really help me would be if you could tell me a way of selecting a certain object through the Python API (the opposite of GetSelected()). This would save me a lot of energy trying to modify the existing .obj code which uses GetSelected().


UPDATE: A little search of the python forum indicates that there is no opposite of GetSelected() :frowning: . Going to have to do it some other way.

Hi everyone!

I’m the founder and lead developer of toxic.

Thanks for all the comments.

SamAdam: you’re right, current version is quite slow (much slower than most of the renderers, I guess). There are two main reasons for that. First, toxic is a very young project (development started on January 2003): there’s a lot of room for algorithmic optimization (a very important one is irradiance caching, which is not yet implemented) and code optimization. Irradiance caching will lead to a huge speed-up (renders will be several times faster). The other reason is that toxic is computing a physically accurate lighting solution, which obviously takes more time to compute, but is also much more robust (although not so easy to control).

Koba: thanks for the great work and for the advertising! Let me know (on toxic forums) when you think your script is stable enough to be released, I’ll put it on the website and I’ll include it in the next toxic releases.


SamAdam: I’m very surprised it took so much time to reach 20% of the Cornell Box rendering. What’s your machine? What’s the image resolution? Rendering the CB in 512x512 takes about 13 minutes on my Pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz box.



I’ve now got a new version of the script with “push button integration into Blender” . That isn’t entirely true. It is more like push two keys “Alt” and “P” :wink:

It isn’t anywhere near complete though (settings file must be edited manually) and is quite limited otherwise.

Here is the thread on the toxic forum:

I would love to have some feedback (and some nice renders too!)


Yeah, in my little dream world I run a 30 box dual Xeon renderfarm. But really I have an old pentium 3 733Mhz. Feelin’ the burn. And I even changed the command line res. to 100 by 100. Maybe when I get a new proc. or I win the lotto, odds are the same of those happening soon. I might try to run it overnight on some renders though, and I am thinkin’ about trying to implement a progressive renderer for blender.

welcome aboard blender! please be sure to see the site.

I really appreciated your site dedication. It is good.

Way to go, Koba !!!

HOLY **** :o :o Those gallery renders are AWESOME!!!

I dunno about you guys, but I think after this renderer grows up it could very well kick Yafray’s butt and take a spot beside PRman O_o

The script at the Toxic site isn’t downloading right now, but I look forward to trying it out and seeing how this progresses, nice work so far, Koba.

The script is back online and worked just fine here! Thanks!