New Open source Video Editing Software!!

Its interface is just like AVID :slight_smile:

Sweet, nice find. TY.

Looks good, but Linux only!

it may be linux only but they need it we have lightworks. don’t get me wrong i love linux but untill i get another hard drive im staying windows only

Nice easy layout, wonder what impact this will have on the development of that other linux editor Novacut?

I’d say, none whatsoever. Likewise Novacut hasn’t affected PiTiVi. Likewise OpenShot hasn’t affected Kdenlive.

ah, laaaaaame (for the guy running Ubuntu 11.04)! “Linux Mint 11 and Ubuntu 11.04 are known NOT to work because of too old MLT version.” from the website.


yeah but they’re working on a Linux port right now, which i’m very happy about :slight_smile:

from their website:
Mac OS X (in development)
Linux (in development)”

Thank you!! (I’m GNU/Linux user :slight_smile: )