New OpenCL error

On an older build of Blender I was able to render at least clay renders, now on one of the newer builds from Graphicall I get an error dealing with a problem between single precision and double precision, and Cycles unable to compile, like this.

On AMD HD 5770, and though I know AMDs are not really supported, I could at least deal with the clay renders before and bide my time for full capability later, but seems there was possibly a step back?

I think this has something to do with my card only having single precision computing, but am I really going to have to go for a beefy card with double precision to use Cycles then?

Graphicall builds are not official, for example my patch change a lot in core variables, often making Blender stop work on CUDA or OpenCL. Try recent trunk builds. BTW, those warnings are not harmful, Cycles use “treat double as float” flag and convert them all to single float anyway.

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Thanks for the info. I knew they weren’t harmful, just guessing the build I was using was broken.