New OpenSource Renderer: renderBitch

Check it out… Haven’t looked at the source… Maybe a python interface could be made. Or some sort of interaction between blender and renderBitch.

it’s here
but I don’t know how to compile the code.
moo ^v^

Didn’t Realize I forgot the URL. :slight_smile:

mmm… interesting title for the renderer… obviously when the title was conceived, they never thought about market viability. :smiley:

Unless you really technical do not bother with a compile you have to write the make and configure files for it for Unix/Linux/OS X. I might take a crack at it because I can make it run on Linux if I do and then it should also work on Unix and OS X. Its not ready for compile otherwise though. He is using Visual C++ 6.0 which means he is compiling it on MS. YUK! Nice Renders Though.

Nate Nesler

P.S. Wish you could tie this in to Blender and could if it was Open Sourced and then do a compile for Render Bitch for each Platform. Catchy Name with a Name Like that Who Could not Love this Program.

Oh great some of the code is MS specific! That is not good. Could make it very hard to port. Really wished he would have used QT in his Visual C++ 6.0 instead of Visual Libraries.

-lGL -lGLU only problem is I do not know the right /usr/include/GL build the target make rule for the GL libraries in Linux.

If you know what they are please tell me and I will add it into the linker options.

Nate Nesler

P.S. I am going to consult my Linux 3D Programming Books.

you havto pay for qt in windows

i don’t think the GIMP people did either . . . unless they’re trying to appeal to a particular market . . .

Does it accept input other than basic primitives (i.e. complex meshes as opposed to sphere or plane primitives) I didn’t see examples with other than some basic shapes. The guy who wrote it is a modeller (he has a pretty good hand tutorial on his site) and I would think he’d have a render of one of his models in his own renderer.
I’d just email him and ask before going to the trouble of porting it only to find all you can tell it to render is spheres (albiet really, really nice spheres :wink: )
I kinda like the name (as I do Gimp’s) :o I wonder if I’m in that market…

Well, then you should have scrolled down a bit more… there is a tee pot rendering. As far as i know, tee-pots are NOT primitives!

Tom 8)

btw: what’s the joke about the name ‘GIMP’… I don’t really get the funny part :-?


Me too missed that joke…


Me too missed that joke…


Apparantly, a GIMP is short for Gimp Mask, which is apparantly a rubber mask with an inflatable gag device…

apparantly! used for making slaves helpless and incapable of crying out.


A gimp is also a person with a disability. Such as people who walk funny.

having a silly walk might get you a position at the ministry of silly walks, but being a GIMP only gets you… a … redhat CD!

If you guys are serious, GIMP is an anacronym for GNU ImageManipulation Program. Still, it wouldn’t have been my first choice for the name of an app.

If you guys are serious, GIMP is an anacronym for G NU I mage M anipulation P rogram. Still, it wouldn’t have been my first choice for the name of an app.

I’m trying to figure out a name for my PNG Image Manipulation Program, any ideas.

  1. pofo

(for those who didn’t get it, that was supposed to be a joke)


Mother: Son, what are you doing?

Boy: I’m using my PIMP


pofo - lol.
hehe, that’s quality!