"New or updated topics" count bug?

I’m talking about this bar here…


The number of “new or updated topics” is increasing by itself automatically non-stop, as if there was new/updated posts…

Much much slower ofc… lol

But when you click it, there’s actually no new posts…

I don’t see that here. Which browser is this? Does it happen for you in other browsers too?

I use Vivaldi, but yes, it’s happening in all browsers I tried, Opera/Edge, even on chrome on my phone.

To see this you need to let one of the forum section page like this open for a while, then it will start counting.

Ah yes I see what you mean now. I’ll put it on my todo list. For reference, this seems to break when you leave the topic list in a specific category open. The counter counts ALL new messages, not only the ones in this category. In https://blenderartists.org/latest this works as expected.

This might be a general discourse issue. I just found out the same issue on DevTalk, which is using Discourse too.

It was working fine a few weeks ago tho… Some recent update might break it, I believe.

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I’m actually watching a subcategory on meta.discourse.org to see if they have the same problem there. If they do, I’ll report it as a bug :+1:

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This issue was reported as fixed on Meta:

I just rebuilt the site, so this issue should be solved now. Please confirm :slight_smile:

Yeah, seems to be fixed… :+1:

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