New or weird UI :*(

Ok… I decided after enjoying 3DS to have a look into Blender… As soon as I try 2 go into any guides I find that the defalt UI which they have is somewhat like mine, but different… I am running the beta version atm (because they dont have a 64bit version of the current n I dont like waisting my PC’s capability) but the UI looks completly wrong… is there a script I can run which will make it back to the version of whom all tutorials have (eg: as without the toolbar that is being used there I cant draw anything… my search for the UI isnt helped by the fact that it is midnight and I havent got much sleep lately.

Thanks for your time.

These show the UI of Blender 2.49 and previous.

I strongly recommend at this point that you get used to the 2.5 interface, which is probably what you are encountering.

Get some sleep. Get lots of sleep. You are at the beginning of a learning-curve transition, and the beginning is the most difficult time. You say that you know 3DS, so you are actually “on familiar ground” even though nothing looks familiar right now.

Well, the part at the bottom of that link I dont have… or I cant find… can u show me how to find the 1.5 version of it

See here for getting started with blender 2.5. The properties in the bottom window are in the properties window on the right hand side in 2.5. The tools are in the tool panel (letter T)
Blender 2.5 works with a vertical button layout, it will look horrible and won’t work well with the horizontal layout used in previous versions. The controls are laid out differently so you cannot have the same exact layout in 2.5 as you have in 2.49
If you want to use 2.49 there is a 64bit version (windows) on the download page and the 32bit version will be perfectly adequate for anything you’ll be doing
Also useful link to answer the question you haven’t asked yet but would have done at some point. How do you split windows.?

ufff…i hate the new interface…and the new button names :frowning:
the old one was more friendly…is there any chance to have it back

ps:sorry if i didnt spell corectly