New Ornament Technique in Blender 2.91 | Full Tutorial

Hello guys!

In this first part we have an in depth look at the new custom curve bevel feature in Blender 2.91. This foundation allows us to understand how it works, and how to use the new custom profile widget to get the results that we want.

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In part 2 we dive into practical modeling and demonstrate an efficient workflow to recreate the ornaments of Daniel Bystedt demo scene.

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nice, why do you choose nurbs rather bezier curves? What are the advantages?

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Well for me, for these simple shapes, the advantages of the path were it being faster and more convenient.

Maybe I need to improve my bezier skills. But for example, to create a spiral shape with a bezier, after extruding each control point I would need to rotate and scale each handle to get a smooth path.

With a path, I can do this faster by simply clicking and dragging the points. Both the general spiral shape, and a smoother curvature between the points, are achieved faster and with less tweaking by using a path for me.

Another thing is when using the radius slider to thicken a part of the curve. With bezier, by default, it gives a sharp edge (it is set to linear). We can go to the object properties, then to the active spline section, and change the radius interpolation to Bspline. Which for creating these pieces is an extra step not required when using a path.

But of course like I said in the video, there are different ways of modeling the same thing. If anyone would have done this differently, please do share your workflow!

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ok, interesting, thanks