new paricle system guide


I just noticed that do not understand the new particle system.
It has so many new additions that I quite honestly got lost.

Does anybody a current version of the old particle manual?

I tried to google it but did not find anything.

um…there’s this e-book called the wiki

Isn’t that manual/wiki page for the old particle system?

You can find various links to docs here:

Cheers for the links folks! It;s a great help.

Papasmurf mh did you drink too much???

Egan thx for the link man I forgot about that page to look for infos.


The new documentation is ready (as far as possible) from the technical side, it needs lot’s of corrections and examples.

I hope it is helpfull.

these helped me a lot:

all i actually try to do is creating the bristles for a toothbrush.

looks like i should use hair for it.