New particles w/mesh explode modifier and deflection

Here’s a clip from my short animation that uses the new particle system, along with the explode modifier to shatter the little pots. Deflection is set up on the walls, the counter, and on a small proxy plane on the back side of the dog.

It’s a 1MB MPEG4.

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Interesting little project you got going on there from the looks of it.

Very nice.

looks nice. very realistic.

Is there any documentation for the explode modifier anywhere?

good explosion, but the speed of flying objects (before they hit the wall) is way too slow.

p.s. i love that kinky tour-de-france-guy at the end.

How exactly do you use the explode modifier?

Heh, nice work on the pots. I wonder if you can shatter them into bigger pieces.

Same question: how do I use explode modifier?

different question, can you post on u tube or somthing, because i cant see the vid
judging from what others are saying it sounds cool

I found a utube tutorial and though I’d summarise it (lost the link):
1 thing - you have to have the object selected at all times and when you are adding the particle system. After you succeed you can try that on more complex objects…good luck :wink:

Thanks, give’s a nice effect.

And for rendering, (and the noobs, like me), disable the particle-rendering, then, it show only the explosion of the cube. Oh, don’t forget to bake too :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm a bit off topic here I think, but what does BAKE do?

Bake write the particle data to a cache so that the explosion (particle system) doesn’t change from render to render (if you used random factors). This speeds up rendertime since you do not have to calculate the particle system again and it is the only way you are able to edit the particle system using the hair system as far as I know (I haven’t checked if this holds true for non hair particle systems so please enlighten me)

BTW can exploding particle system use self collision?

Nice. That baby reminds me of Chucky.

Heh heh. I like it. It would take me weeks. I’ve thought of a idea to make breaking objects and eating objects easier in blender. Will post as soon as I test it.

Thanks. I have been studying blender for months, but there are always new stuff to learn.