new particles

Was wondering if anyone knows more about the new particles being made for Blender. i am having a very hard time with hair, ( i’ve seen the tuts)this new system seems to be the answer. When will it be out? Will it be a simple patch or do i have to wait for the next upgrade? Hopefully someone out there knows.


It will be included in the next blender release(which should be out pretty soon) I feel your pain, hair is just hard to get good results with.

This is cool. I wonder if it will correct the “accordian” effect I get when using particle to automate my viper launch sequences in my animation project.

Does anyone have a date, pretty soon is not very much to go on. I know 2.42 was released July 15th so if if is with the next version I can’t see Blender
released sooner than next year.


I heard about December for one release and March 2007 for another.

Jan 19 2007 08:47 GMT.


Jan 19 2007 08:47 GMT.

Fligh! Be nice. (You didn’t include the seconds. By atomic time.)

hey, I saw the demo videos at
and wanted to something like in appear_vanish.avi in a project I am doing for study thats due in towards the end of November. I dont suppose someone has compiled a blender exe with this feature? I dont know how to compile, and dont really have the time to learn until the holidays.

It isnt really that important, but I was just hoping that someone had already had already compiled it :smiley:


No it most likely will not be in the next release, the targets have already been set, and the particles work, however promising, is not one of them. It’s just not ready yet - there’s not even a patch available. And I’d much rather see Jahka spend as much time as he needs working on getting it working just right and nutting out the usability side of things, rather than feeling pressured by all the screaming, although generally well-intentioned fans.

well at least let’s hope for a build to test all the new candy of the particle system.
maybe someone can remember my presentation at the conference (the vfx in a short movie and knows how much the new particles would help in some scenes :slight_smile:

The hair particles for static images containing characters with short hair seems sufficient already. Short as in 20 - 50 cm hair lengths.

For hairs longer than 50 cm, it seems inadequate right now, at least not to produce convincing styles anyways.

But yeah, the leopard skin looks quite funky for the new hair system.

i have to agree with broken!

I will keep my fingers crossed for a patch. my problem is not so much making the hair as styling the hair.


I’m with the “wait until it’s done right” crowd. I’d rather have “good and later” than “bad and now”!

That said, since I’m just switcing to Blender from Animation:Master, I have so much learning to do that I will probably just be ready to work with particles by the time they’re released!

So, in conclution, everyone get to Blendering!

Well I’m glad the Blender Foundation has stringent requirements on when a feature is ready and allow people to take as long as needed. This way though we get fewer stuff the quality is a bit higher.

Im sorry, guess i was misinformed, thanks broken

That wait attitude is easy for you guys to say but I do people’s heads and need it even if it isn’t as good as it will be. From what I read it seems that there will be a patch but if not I have no choice but to wait. For me getting the particles will make Blender a great program from just a good program that it is now. I agree with henrymop “get Blendering” and you will get better.


I dont want to use anything to complex in it, I just want to use the appear/vanish effects to do the credits for a film :smiley: so the source code wont be released until he has finished?


I, for one, will not wait until a patch is released to start using this. I’m going to… uh…

So, what’s the other option? Saying that we’ll wait for it is like saying that we choose to be affected by gravity today.