new particlesystem patch has been published for testing

For all of you who haven’t noticed, a first patch for the absolutely amazing new particle system has been published here:

I just played around with it a little bit. this is a very quick test for creating tentacles using the new particles system…


That is awesome.

Man, the system is amazing now!

no suprise… they allways manage to make things better, tho still wish they would integrate renderman spec. renderer so we could use renderman shaders (read: great sss and so on)

Just in case you’re not aware, that’s being worked on. You might have a look here:

By the way, the “great SSS” is really more of a renderer-specific item. There are nice hacks that get semi-decent results, but animated results are a little unpredictable.

As far as renderman shaders go, “great SSS” is hardly the first reason to want renderman’s shading power.


How do you use the patch?

Liquidshield: See and

so with this anticipated GUB, does that mean particles will potentially be able to interact with fluids?