New Passion Project Team looking for a 3-D Artist

Hey guys, I’m new to a community and was just wondering if someone could give me some advice? I’m on a look out for a 3-D artist and I’m trying to find a place to find someone? I got told about blender community and the challenges people do which I checked out and that were very impressive. It is a passion project so atm it’s a labour of love as we are all working for free until we find some funding. A few of my friends and I have been working on a game. We have a developer with years of experience, myself as a writer, voice performer & sound design and we have an artist. The idea is expanding and we are looking to create and evolve it into something special. We are passionate about the project and we hope to deliver a strong and positive message too. Do you know if there are people within your community or others that would potentially be interested and if so how do I go about getting in touch? Thanks a lot guys, Arthur.

Got any details on what kinda project it is, like what the game is about and its mechanics, etc?

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I work full time but I’m interested in helping out! Could offer around 10 hours a week. I have 7 years of experience with Blender and can offer you my modeling and texturing services. Please DM me with more details on the project. Thanks!

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Hi Harry, thanks for the reply. The game is about a cat. It’s a decision based narrative driven with fun movement control and mechanics. The classification would be action RPG. It’s a deep exploration of perspectives of how our world and the animal world interrelate. Let me know if you’d like to find out more and we can chat! Thanks, Arthur

Thank you for your reply Immortal! We’d love to have you! I am not sure how to navigate this website and tried clicking on you to send direct message but it didn’t work. Could you send me a direct message and I will reply with all the details! Thanks a lot!