[NEW!] Passionate Artists Needed - TBW - An Upcoming "UPBGE" Game! ✅

I need passionate Artists who can help in TBW project:

Work (needed):

  • Modelling
  • Sound

Please if you’d like to contribute to the project please join us on [Discord.](JOIN US)If you wanna stay up to the latest on this project your always welcome to join.


  • we have a new ART Gallery on our Discord server !!!

If you’d like to see what we’re making here’s a glimpse: (Original Thread Here)

Anyone is always welcome to join.

Kind Regards


Update 1.1 coming soon !!!


You can read and check out about it guys ; )


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  • Join the #Collaboration TEAM JOIN US

  • Site Has Been Updated VISIT

[August - September 2020]: #Collaboration INTAKE! (We’re working on the Official Alpha Demo Build!)

I did Updates in June with my private team:

Hey guys its been a while since my last major update on my thread in the Game Engine Section of the Forum and so im currently running available free positions for people to join my new upcoming Free Collaboration. Offcourse this is not a paid job but it is a beneficial opportunity for you guys to grab along and start working part time whilst you further your skills in your own personal projects!


What We Have achieved so far in terms of Builds! (FINAL PRE-ALPHA COMPLETE)

So basically our PRE-ALPHA Build was a separate milestone for room to experiment with Blender’s Game Engine now forked as UPBGE, for a while i push and tested its limits, we have our results and most are successfully passed!
Now we’re focusing on making the Actual Build that will be playable and available publicly to play and test out!

Wanna know what the project is about Read More Here!

Why not? Well after all its a Freely Given opportunity even though its not paid! Take it or Leave it!
We’d still be fine if people didn’t join either, the project will still go on it may just take abit longer to finish a public build with a team of few dedicated people, due to the amount of tasks to be done at hand.

As the Founder and CREATOR of the project, im not just benefiting for my own personal gains, heck im even the one who’s putting more than what is required in order to see results, im simply also learning in this environment i created, that way we can give back to the community as promised by plan!

This project is helping me get the necessary skills and methods i can use to undertake future projects in any other game engine and also its taught me to master my own skills on my other personal solo projects.

Reminder: About the #collab_team

  • TBW Collaboration team is an environment i designed and created on discord to help and expose passionate upcoming talented/ noob artists who are interested in perusing UPBGE Game development as a hobbyist or a solo dev.
    this Private Collaboration space is created for people to Learn, Test, Benchmark and also contribute to TBW’s development. Tasks and roles are given, the best contributors might earn their way up the ranks and make it on the High Council once the time has come!

What does it look like? (So this is How our Communication Group looks like)

Here we collaborate, communicate, share new discoveries, experiments, methods and new ways that we use in our skills and line of work…

The collaboration Team is more like a freelance model, so you work according to your time your way but atleast manage to complete certain stuff that you are contributing to the project…

We follow a very specific Workflow for the project and the platform has already been provided for new members, we have a Git-Repo for the Project as well! and we also have a Tasks guide Tracking platform and a Cloud Drive where we store our progress!
Our Trello Achievements!

Current INTAKE! (Job Requests)

  • Right now we are currently focusing on building our 1st Public Alpha Demo Build and so here are the type of Artists we need, please note that most of the guys on the team are from the Blender Artists Community and are used to working with blender.

What do we use? (Software/ Game Engine!)

  • Blender 2.80+ (Realistic Renders/ Modeling/ Texturing)
  • UPBGE 0.2.0 - (Based on Blender 2.78)
  • UPBGE 0.3.0 - (Based on Blender 2.80+)
    We allow the use of UPBGE 0.2.5 as well for the project but our builds are currently being made on 0.2.0!


  • Noob’s are accepted to join (Join Via our Discord and Apply!)
  • You need to atleast have a portfolio (Art/ anything/ 3D Skills/ Coding)
  • You need to be passionate! (Have enthusiasm and be excited to work with us!)
  • You need to know Blender! (Any version is fine just so long as you can get started)
  • You will have to Join Via Discord
  • Then you will need to Apply! (You apply for a role on the server and you wait for us to assess your Application!)

Here’s an example on how to apply!
Once you join our Discord Server you will be in our #General Chatroom, then you type in !apply_for_collab this will grant you a role that will give you access to start the Trials!

The reason why we do Trials, is because this is a private collaboration, we just don’t accept anyone, you have to prove your worth and once you’ve passed the criteria, according to your skills and portfolio then we will accept you in the team and provide you with everything you need to get started! (You will have access to project files and resources of all sorts!)

take note this is not a 9 - 5 freelance job this is voluntary work and contributions, so you work at your own pace, but we do have deadlines; also you work on what you can do! we don’t tell you what to do! the project has a guide & we all follow and we work in the best of our ability to achieve what we can!

when we get stuck, we help each other out, if there are technical limitations with the software we workaround! THIS IS WHAT HAS KEPT THIS PROJECT RUNNING SINCE 2017 !!!
Remember this is a Private Collaboration and its not Open Source Development!

What are we looking for? (These are the current positions for Artists to join our Collaboration!)

  • ANIMATOR (Anyone who can do basic simple animations/ Complex etc)
  • UI DESIGNER (Anyone who even uses Photoshop to conceptualize pls join)
  • MODELLING ARTIST (Anyone who can do modelling complex/ simple assets)
  • TEXTURE ARTIST (Anyone who uses substance painter, Armor paint!)
  • CODER (Anyone who can code in Python/ CSS/ Html C# etc)

Future Positions Pending:

  • Sound Artist Engineer/ Designer
  • Story Group Engineer/ Leader
  • Side Mission Engineer/ Designer
  • Online Multiplayer Modes Engineer/ Designer


Anyone is welcome to Join, i and the team are open to accepting noobs/ pros/ hobbyists/ or even supporters who just want to join the server to support!

We do need BETA Demo Testers so still feel free to join the server and wait until we release a Publicly available Build for Testing!

Best Regards Everyone, have a wonderful rest of the month!
Looking forward to newbies who are interested to join.

Keep safe and Happy Blendering Everyone!


i cant get enough of those nice spaceships flying around planets.

About the help you are looking for . Instead of asking people to apply for a position, why not list on a board all the assets/animation you are requesting/needing. So everyone could give a little help if they have some time. Also, people should be able to review/correct assets for others. I dont know if you pay people, but lot of people are afraid to sign-up coz they will feel like “prisonner” … yes, people hate constraints those days :confused:

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That’s part of the team!

on the team we focus on very specific things that we need to get done…
All what yr saying we do on the team!

Im just advertising if anyone is interested im giving people a chance to join. i should’ve done this earlier on in the year but i was too busy on the projects to make the Offer for people to join!

But i hope this post creates some awareness…

over and above that the project has been making some good significant progress and so i’ve got some decent new content coming up sooner.

also im fixing my pc so i will have more performance to do more stuff in shorter time without having to burn alot of time on small things that can be done by the team.


Hey fred, I can help you out with some basic modelling if you want! Can I join??

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You can Apply if you like!


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What sort of game will be? Shooting arena like Fortnite? Gdr like KOTOR? Free roaming like Skyrim or Mount and Blade?
Would be better to provide a list of the needed 3D assets, and exposing the maximum polycount required for each type of asset.
I personally use Blender 2.8x with Substance Painter. If I join, only blend files with textured assets will be provided.

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The Game will be mostly like the KOTOR 1 & 2 series! a more free roam approach to the the Map Level exploration! but the story is linear and it sticks to the main mission objectives!
Player’s will be able to have companions and personal ships too that they can board and fly at anytime in the missions…
(The story is deep and its the main focus of the Campaign mode of the game; Arcade offers replay ability with MAP levels and character classes; Multiplayer has online FREE ROAM with Jobs (Galactic Exploration) and Offline Splitscreen is co-op those will be added later once i get the core Gameplay elements done!)

We do have a Galactic Conquest mode like star wars battlefront 2 (2005) but that goes according to the classes system!
Each Class has a unique specific set of missions and in arcade mode we have additional side mission content that players can choose to play at any point whilst they are playing in the Game MAP world.

Yeah there is a list of 3D Assets that will be needed to be made for us to advance the project from where we currently are atm…

Just a head’s up when a new task is available such as modelling, i make sure i provide the artist or model designer with all available resources/ references and tools they need in order to get it done once its done we upload to a central cloud and wait for the next artist to add it in the game. im usually the one who puts things together in a build so you dont have to worry about that.

also apart from assets we do allow for the rotation of tasks, so lets say you were doing asset creation, you can try out abit of python and learn from us some of the basics; how we hook up the logic and the code or how we add in game systems and make functioning ui or how we animate the character combat animations
(which i will be showcasing in the coming months!)

Graphics are not an issue we have 2 Builds of the game being made and all the work done on the old version gets ported over easily to the 2.0+ version of the game.
These builds are:
Standard Build - UPBGE 0.2.0 (Blender 2.78)
Definitive Edition Build - UPBGE 0.3.0 (Blender 2.80+)

Over and above that the game and its core functionality remains the same, same features same content just a Graphics overhaul and major update to visual fidelity!

Thanks for joining buddy, wish you an awesome time helping out on the project buddy. Thank You so much :sunglasses: :+1:


NEXT INTAKE! (Announcement)


Thanks to our newcomers who made it in, and successfully passed their Trials on Monday!
It was truly great assessing your Applications :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


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