new patch download

I know that a test patch for new hair particles is available, at leats to test. Can I try it?
If so where can I download it?


Thanks Wiz, One more question. When I installed the patch everything works fine.
Next day when i treid Blender again I went into the particles section and strangely enough
the old particles were there, no trace of the patch. Has that happened with you? I’ll install again, also I know the patch is new but any tuts on making and styling hair, let me know.


Make sure you run the blenderparticles.exe or whatever it is called. Make sure you dont just run the installed icon, as that would link to blender.exe which is the original version with the original particles.

As far as hair goes, once this particle system is more complete, Im sure we will see more tutorials come out, if I have time I will try mucking around with it and get back to you in the next few days, but cant promise anything as Im pretty busy at the moment.


That was it MicWit, thank you. I really need help on the hair so i am looking forward to what you find, my problems are mainly styling.


WOOW… amazing