New patch to invisibly stamp render info into png, jpeg files

This is my first attempt at a real patch for blender…

This is a patch that will imbed some basic render information with each png or jpg you save with blender (invisibly as an image comment). When you reload that image into blender, you can retrieve and use that render information with either a seq plugin or a py script.

This page has more information plus an upgrade of framestamp and a sample py script that that was used to get the image below:
(sorry, only source code and linux compiles are available at this time :frowning: )

that is quite useful in my opinion

is it maybe possible to add even more information like other settings for rendering or so?

i often hate when i see rendered images and do not remember the settings used!

I like this too!

I’ll try it out.

yeah, it could have been possible but I have just found on irc that something much better is already in the works…Nevermind…

once again I have lived up to my sig…:rolleyes:

You have bad luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks anyway :wink:

You have bad luck :stuck_out_tongue:

caronte: yeah, it’s depressingly similar to last year when I did all of those new seq plugins just before nodes were implemented… :frowning: .

I guess I should just take the hint and quit trying :stuck_out_tongue:

paprmh: if you’re referring to the updated OpenEXR support, I don’t see how that superseeds this. While the new OpenEXR layers/passes format is great, Blender still lacks the ability to write metadata along with images. This kind of info can be extremely useful if you’re taking thing into a third party application, trying to organize tons of files, or handing files off to someone else.

I would say don’t give up on this one.

No, I knew about openEXR… Someone on blendercoders told me last night that there was already plans to extend some of the exr data to png & jpg comments too.

this would be a great way to write copyright notices into an invisible layer…

this patch can go a long way