New PC for modelling and rendering in Cycles...

Hey guys my machine at work is up for renewal and here’s what they’ve quoted me…

1 x Dell Precision T5810 Workstation

  • Intel E5-1630 v4 3.7GHz
  • GeForce GTX 1080
  • 32GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD (for OS and Apps)
  • 1TB HDD (for storage)
    1x P2715Q 27" Ultra HD Monitor
    Win 10

Sound ok? What brand of GeForce GTX 1080 should I get or does it not matter so much?

Looks good.
Though the xeon is probably a bit overkill. Might be worth swapping for a higher clocked mainstream SKU. Though I understand its a prebuilt so dunno if its possible to swap that and the mobo out.
I’d also suggest an ultrawide panel rather than anything under 40’’ in 4k. The 21:9 aspect ratio is infinitely more useful.

As to GPU brand - any really as long as the cooler it has is half decent.

I would suggest slightly smaller dual monitors. Nothing like having that extra screen space to stash extra windows and reference materials.

Does the screen size make a difference in terms of screen space? So a 25" 21:9 2056x1080p or the same monitor in a 27" version? Curved? IPS?

All of the GPUs use the same GTX 1080 chipset, so they will all perform the same. The only question should be if you get a blower style(only exhaust is out the back, keeps pc case cooler) or an open fan version? Best of luck!

They don’t. Branded 1080s perform better than reference because they have better cooling and higher clock speeds. So get the branded version. IIRC the ZOTAC brand currently has the fastest 1080.

Also, the xeon does not make much sense. You can get an 8 core Ryzen CPU for the same (or even lower) price and twice the performance (8 cores/16 threads). Also, the motherboards are cheaper.