New PC specs: is this good enough


What’s up. I’ve been trudging along with a crap laptop for my works and the 2.3 gbs of RAM won’t allow me to render much of anything with cycles (my render of choice) so I’m working my way through pcpartspicker to build a better mouse trap so to speak. My budget is roughly $400 and I need some advice on whether this build will be as good as I hope it will be.

this is the build here.

I also plan on running linux instead of a Microsoft OS to cut down on costs.

Feedback is needed as I’m looking to start purchasing parts tomorrow. Thanks guys for any help you can give.

If you really want to use Cycles you’d be better off going with a compatible NVidia graphics card instead of the AMD so you can use gpu rendering.

a deal for today only. add in a geforce 750ti,
it only has 4GB of 1300 memory… though it can be upgraded later,
max is 32gb but you would probably go with 2x8GB(16gb), just geat an extra
4GB of the same stuff and OC it to 1600.

geforce 750ti’s

^ edit. ^^^