New pen

100% Opensource
Ubuntu + Blender + Gimp


That sir, is quality :slight_smile:

that looks amazing good job!

Wow, that is a very detailed pen. How did you get the cool circular engravings? Looks good.

Simple but very impressive. beautiful render!:stuck_out_tongue:


Can you show the mesh?


I assume you used bumpmaps for the encarvings?
Great job, looks beautiful


Can you show the mesh?

Sure :slight_smile:
I used a bump map for the encarvings and a texture for materials


I want that pen.

Great job!
For a moment I thought an external renderer was used :stuck_out_tongue:
Yay for open source! :smiley:

So many details :slight_smile: great job!

Thanks for comments :wink: good news, yesterday people of 3D Artist Italy said me that this render will be in the gallery of next number :wink: :wink:

Great work!
Out of curiosity, what references did you use for this? A Modo artist made a remarkably similar stylus a few month ago.
Also, what’s it say around the grip?
[edit] Seems it’s just your username. I thought it might be some deeply profound latin phrase or something. :slight_smile:


ottimo lavoro!

Hi, I did an other pen some month ago, but I want improve it, so when I saw tutorial on the first number of Italian 3d artist (made in Modo) I tried to do same materials using open software (ubuntu, Blender, inkscape and Gimp)
Around the grip there is my nickname :wink:

very beautiful renders, loved it. Materials, lighting and compositing is amazing, well done.

All very well done.

wow five star :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thank you!!!