New Photogrammetry Freeware?

I’ve read the other threads on this site about photogrammetry. Just wondering if there has been anything new anyone has found? Of course, I wish there was a freeware Imagemodeler, but is there anything out there even close anyone has stumbled across that’s free? (I’m on OS X)


Very nice…

I thought open-source photgrammetry didn’t exist. Has anyone used the above program with any success?

Shame the documentation is in Portugese.


I’m probably just missing it, but how, exactly, from this link, does one get this working for OS X?



Icarus can do photogrammetry for video and pictures.

Hope this helps?

I just downloaded a prog called Photomodeler Lite 3.1, which is a watered down version of the Photomodeler Pro. I found a link in the SketchUp forum; this is the actual download, from a 3rd party source (the company who made it no longer supports it, and doesn’t offer it for download any more)

Its pretty old, but it exports .3ds with photo textures…sort of. I’m still goofin’ around with it, but so far it seems to work. I’ll post back as I discover more. (The first thing I did was to export the tutorial model, which came in with the textures all screwed up…I think I can find a work-around, but I’m not sure yet. The Pro demo exported an .obj file with the textures intact. Lite doesn’t export .obj, tho. :-? )

This is freeware, not open source like the E-foto program, which I also downloaded. Haven’t touched that one yet.

Note that the term “photogrammetry” seems to have lots of slightly different meanings; this program is at its best when you take several photos of an object from different perspectives, and key them into the program. The program then spits out a 3D model with applied textures.

(BTW: if you have Blender 2.4#, you need to fix the bug in the 3ds importer. Do a quick search for “.3ds import” here…you’ll see.)

EDIT: oops, I see the original post wanted an OS/X thing…sorry, the link is for a windows app. Perhaps there’s an OS version on the site as well?