New Physical Simulation Book Announcement and Call for Submissions!

Hello Blenderers,

As many of you know, my book Introducing Character Animation with Blender was released earlier this year by Sybex/Wiley, one of the world’s foremost publishers of 3D and graphics books, and has proven quite successful, both in terms of sales (it reached #9 on Amazon’s Computers and Internet list) and in terms of reader reviews and feedback, which has all been very encouraging.

As it turns out, I am not the only one who has been encouraged by this response. The success of the book has piqued Sybex’s interest to publish more books on Blender, and the result of this is that I have signed on to write a new book for them starting this summer. The new book is to be titled Bounce, Tumble, and Splash! Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D and will cover all aspects of physical simulation in Blender: particles, soft bodies, fluids, rigid bodies with Bullet, and much more. I hope to touch on a lot of general purpose techniques that have not been covered in print so far, including some more advanced uses of modifiers, node-based materials, subsurface scattering, and maybe even a PyDriver or two. I also hope to have the book fully up to date with features to appear in 2.5, to the extent that it’s possible. I’m definitely interested in hearing what people think would be interesting topics and issues in these areas for me to cover.

The second part of this announcement is a call for graphical submissions. Unlike the last book, Bounce, Tumble, and Splash! will be printed in full color, so there will be lots of opportunities to get some great Blender eye candy out there. I am looking for high quality renders focusing on all aspects of physical simulation: particles (inlcuding hair), fluids, soft bodies (including cloth), rigid bodies, Bullet scenes, metaballs, interesting uses of modifiers for physical phenomena, and renders that focus on interesting, naturalistic materials are all welcome. As with the previous book, it’s not possible to offer monetary payment, but all artists whose work is featured will of course receive a free copy of the book. In addition, I did manage to talk Sybex into sweetening the deal a bit for contributing artists: if your render is chosen as the cover art for the book, you will receive your choice of Sybex books totalling up to $100 dollars! You can see what’s available at There are a lot of books there to choose from, both on 3D topics and others, so I hope that this offer provides some added incentive for people to submit some great renders.

As I said, the new book will be full color, and will deal almost entirely with topics that have not been covered in detail in other books so far. I’m aiming for minimal overlap with both Introducing Character Animation and Essential Blender, so the book should be a worthy addition to anybody’s Blender bookshelf.

I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with! Please send your submissions to me at [email protected].

Happy Blendering,


awesome news!!!
thx you guys!

cool thanks fr this

Another guaranteed purchase from me.

I’ll skip the 2nd part of the announcement as there is nothing you’d want from me other than my money. Of that I am certain. :smiley:


YAY! Excellent – get’s my vote!

Hey that looks interesting, it is time to have some more specialized Blender books!
I’m wondering what a deadline would be for any submissions?

simply awesome

hmm. can we post our submissions here?

Good news, sure… but if you start in the summer, by when would the book be available (based on your previous book’s timeline)?

Yeah it would be nice to know. I’ll keep my eye out for the next release. =)

Count with another purchase of me.

Composition should be very usefull to!

It’s great to hear that you’ve been signed on to do a “sequel” to your book last year :smiley:



Thanks for the encouraging responses! As for a deadline, there’s nothing set in stone for graphics, but my own deadline for finishing the manuscript is the end of September. As for when a “winner” for the cover art would be announced, that would depend on when the graphics department chose a cover image, so that also isn’t set in stone. I would say that by September is the best thing to shoot for, and the sooner the better.

As for posting submissions here, I’d prefer you sent them to the email address I mentioned, [email protected]. You can of course post your work wherever you want, but for me it’s much easier to keep things organized if I can keep things coming to one place. It minimizes the chance of things getting lost or falling between the cracks. Also, if your work is chosen for inclusion, I will need your name, address, and phone number so that Sybex can send you a permission form to use the work.


This is friggin awesome. I am getting this book at any cost. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mr. T

Oh, I forgot to mention. Based on the previous book’s time line, which coincidentally got started about exactly a year ago, the book would be available in early 2008, probably around February. I don’t think there will be a DVD with this one (probably all the sample files will be downloadable instead) and that might help to speed things up. We might try to be a little flexible in order to try to make the book up to date with 2.5, so some scheduling could depend a bit on how the development is progressing. But I’d say probably in the neighborhood of February.

I know the perfect cover for your book…I could never pull it off but a clothed girl cannonballing into a pool. It would be a nice quick example of all things. Best of luck with the new endeavour

Hmmm, other than the ED files, was there a general problem with the DVD or do Sybex prefer not to use them? People with dial-up , pay-per-use or limited broadband access might feel a bit left out if they’re required to d/l sample files.

Just a thought.

Oh well, it looks like Mr Ray Tracin might need to grow a beard for this one :slight_smile:

All the best with it.

There’s no particular problem with a DVD, but it’s easier to be flexible on deadlines if you don’t have extra media like that, so if it’s not necessary it’s a bit easier not to add it. Since this is a more intermediate/advanced book, there may be less need to include the sample blends themselves. Likewise, as an intermediate-advanced book it can be assumed that people already have or know how to get all the software, for example.

My concern was that the changes in 2.5 might be significant and that I’d like to stay on top of them, which might mean changing things around up till the last minute, and maybe even changing when the “last minute” was. The folks at Sybex seemed to agree. There seemed to be a bit of trade-off between having this flexibility and having more “nodes” in the pipeline.

It’s still not set in stone, though. If there’s a significant amount of media I want to include then we’ll probably go with the DVD.

Now frankly I havn’t been following your second(?) book too closely, but it seems you are not going to include a disk with the book. Sorry to be blunt but this decision concerns me, as a reader, i would hate to buy a computer-related book only to have to download hundreds of megabytes of sample files on my own.
Hopefully there is enough content to justify the inclusion of a CD/DVD. :smiley:
note to self: make massive example files to submit.
@bugman: check your email :stuck_out_tongue:

The book sounds very interesting Bugman. Any idea (quick estimate)
of how much it will cost?

What I am wondering is what new features would be added to
Blender’s physical simulation system that could be covered
in the new book?

If “Essential Blender” does not give me a good enough
understanding of doing fluid simulation, soft body,
and particles, then I would maybe buy this book.

Will it cover particles? And if so, will it be Jahka’s system? :smiley:

On a side note, is your character animation book available on
the Blender Wiki?

Sorry for so many questions. :evilgrin: