New pic! Warning: explicit surgery

(Jamesk) #1

Been doing some stuff… If you ask yourself ‘wtf is explicit surgery’? - then go ahead and see for yourself. Comments appreciated!

click this


My crappy server seems to be a bit slow today… clickety-click and fingers crossed, try and try again… gah.

(Idgas) #2

cool pic dude

(Sonarman) #3

That’s very well done! CREEPY!

(IMProvisar) #4

lol… yeah, those fish hooks are too much. :stuck_out_tongue:


(saluk) #5

Hmm, can’t quite tell what this is, what could it…


*runs screaming to his mommie

(Friday13) #6

Argh, that reminds me why i’m so afraid of hospitals :stuck_out_tongue:

(ed26) #7

whoa, thats pretty amazing

(basse) #8

great picture, except the meat-hooks you have there… doesn’t look like they are needed to perform the surgery… and by being there, makes it look like not so professional operation :slight_smile:

what is that the droid number 2 is holding… blender? :wink:

love the colors.


(noid) #9

As the others have pointed out, the picture itself looks very good but the hooks don’t really fit in.

(IMProvisar) #10

Well… since I’m one of the two “others”, perhaps I should clarify. When I said “too much”, I mean it really tips the gore meter. But, not necessarily too much to be in the picture… if it’s meant to be that gory.

Also… there are plenty of situations where surgery isn’t exactly professional. :wink:

For instance… the urban legend where you go to <name_of_city_here> for a convention… and meet a girl. She takes you up to the room, pours you a drink from the mini-bar, and poof. You wake up in a bathtub full of ice. The phone is next to you, and a note reads “Call 9-1-1, tell them both your kidneys have been removed, have a nice day.” Well… the story goes somewhat like that.

Also… the cyberpunk genre. Some serious mad-scientist whack-job surgeons in that sci-fi setting. Lots of underground implant surgeons, modding people up, working out of beat up old vans, burnt-out condemn buildings, taking old arms off with meat cleavers before putting a robotic arm off… it’s supposed to be creepy. If you’ve seen the movie Blade Runner (early 80’s, dir. by Riddley Scott, starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer), think about the shop the old Asian guy worked out of, making eyes. Ick. Frankly, this looks too clean, sterile, and professional for that setting. But for another, it may fit just right. :slight_smile:


(Jamesk) #11

Heh… I guess I just had to put the hooks there to load the gore-O-meter. This is just like the Star Trek Borg design - lots of non functional stuff with no other purpose than to add some creepyness to the general impression. And speaking of unprofessional medical procedures - this is tryly a bargain basement clinic.

And I really wanna add more useless, icky things!

(sten) #12

Hey James…

nicely done…all in Blender ? :o

Good work !! :smiley:

(Jamesk) #13

The render is Blender, but I made most of the modeling in Wings. Some subtle Photoshop adjustments in post.

(ilac) #14

uhm… Meat Pie? :smiley:

That setup would be great for pies…

The cut in the skin is what I find distracting, it’s so neat and thick it almost looks like pastry, though I guess it’s animal hide and not human hide so it’s ok. I think the hooks are great! :slight_smile:

Very nice work!

(BgDM) #15

Great image. The incision (<SP?), looks to be very clean, as in it has bevelled edges. Maybe you could fractal subdivide the incision to make it look nastier. And splatter some blood around.


(haunt_house) #16

what is this big drill to the right supposed to do in soft flesh? Making a mess?

:-? :o


(Jamesk) #17

Well, that’s what I’d use it for, but in reality it’s a type of drill intended for cutting bone material… like rib cages, craniums etc. But I’m no surgeon (q.e.d)… so I dunno. :smiley:

(haunt_house) #18

That’s what you would use it for? Yikes
You won´t find me with my back turned on you(scary).

Could it be you have read ‘Hannibal’ one time too often? BTW, I like this book for one reason. It has a link to Frances A. Yates great book, ‘the art of memory’ at the end.

Some kind of round sawblade would be nice for the ribs. With the blade parallel to the shaft. And some additional tweezer -things to grab some tissue (holding some?).

Sorry, but I don´t want to look at it for some time. I wonder if someone likes it to be a wallpaper?!?

nice work though


(hannibar) #19

Wow. I love that pic. I love the DOF. I love the noise. I especially enjoy the lighting. Great concept too!

(blengine) #20

whoa… this is really great! nasty! this is too cool… the only thing that needs a tweak is the incision like bgdm said

wow blenders renderer? impressive!